Challenge Friday: Winter Vacation

The last day of school before winter vacation is always an exciting one! The children are bouncing up and down, energy just seeping out of them. We teamed up with the class next door to create a winter holiday-themed day. While the teacher next to me had the children make gingerbread man glyphs and marshmallow towers (who could make the tallest tower out of marshmallows and toothpicks), the children in my room did Challenge Friday. The kids participated in each class’s activities and then we switched classes so that everyone could do both sets of activities.

The challenge for Challenge Friday was simple, yet meaningful, and provided the kids an opportunity to share and express their excitement for the upcoming holidays in a creative way. The challenge was to make something out of Legos that showed what they were going to do over winter break.

They had 15 minutes to build and then we made a Share Circle to show what they had made. First they shared in detail with a partner next to them, where they could show off the specific details that they included in their creation. Then we went around the circle and each child had the option to share one sentence about what they were going to do over winter break. They could also pass if they didn’t want to share.

The total amount of time for this activity was about 45 minutes – 10 min for directions and idea examples, 15 min build, 15 min Share Circle, 5 min transition time from building to coming to Share Circle.

This challenge could easily be done AFTER winter break by having kids make something they DID over the holiday vacation.)


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